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Hyperfocused learning for disabilities

BridgedXR is Assistive learning for aiding people with learning disabilities, using Geography as a teaching subject in Mixed Reality.

We have members in the group who have Learning Disabilities such as ADHD and Dyslexia. We wanted to build a project around helping people who struggle with learning as we did.

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What it does

The early prototype of this project just allows users to access the Geography game. (Other games can be quickly created that help with other subjects; like science or math) Which is supposed to be a fun way to play with a map. Our target audience is people with Learning Disabilities who are in middle school. By the time kids reach middle school, they are expected to start learning to cope with their disabilities. We want to aid these kids.

How we built it

We decided as a group that doing a Design Sprint method would be best given the limited time and resources. Which involves us researching and understanding the problem, then diverging ideas, then deciding on solutions, then developing the prototype, and finally validating the project works.

Part 1 (Research) - We decided that our target audience will be kids (middle school age) would be our target audience. More specifically, kids with learning disabilities. We spent time researching what disabilities are, the science behind the disabilities, and how experts are addressing the issues. We drew inspiration from EndeavorRx games and wanted to create a fun, paced, interactive game to learn while addressing solutions to the symptoms of kids with these disabilities; such as trouble focusing, restlessness, management, etc.

Part 2 (Idea) - We explored solutions and started designing the basic mechanics of our form factors. We thought of ideas such as different subjects and game mechanics. We explored potentially doing Geometry or Science or Geography.

Part 3 (Decide) - We ended up deciding to go with Geography. With the idea of scattering the countries in the user's space. Kind of like they are in zero-g space. The user can pick up the country, the user will get feedback with audio and visuals that says the country name. The map on the wall will highlight where the country goes and the user places it in the correct slot.

Part 4 (Prototype) - We built a prototype using Magic Leap, Unity, and MRTK.

Part 5 (Validate) - After building the prototype. We tested with a few users and confirmed basic functionality works. There are some bugs to kink out but that will be addressed as time is given.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for BridgedXR

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MIT Reality Hack 2022 - TEAM-05

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